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Up from the Deep…

Curses, Nukes, Ravens, Crayfish & San Papel Digging In & Digging Out * For what it’s worth, I didn’t post anything yesterday because I’m hard at work on the introduction to the third upcoming Swamp Thing DC/Vertigo hardcover collection, The Curse. This volume includes “The Nukeface Papers,” our two-part ‘water vampire’ tale (part 1 penciled [...]

Back to the Swamp! Revisiting Hell While Storming Heaven Just as I was heading out the door to the Center for Cartoon Studies (to crash James Sturm‘s morning class to hear Storming Heaven author Jay Stevens speak to the students), UPS was at the door with my box of DC/Vertigo Swamp Thing Volume 2 hardcovers. [...]

Following up on yesterday’s post, and the conversation begun on the comments thread between Bob Heer and I – I originally posted the following as a comment, then thought, “wait a minute, this is worth posting generally.” Here goes: Attentive fans catching such damaging errors shows how little proofing attention is paid to these collections. [...]

Following up on yesterday’s post, about publishers like IDW and Dark Horse trafficking packaged reprint volumes of 1980s work sans contact, negotiations, payment or even comps to those with work in those collections, suffice to say I’d much rather deal with the publishers and/or packagers up front than be posting about it after the fact. [...]

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