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Vintage Bissette Movie Poster Art Blasts from the Past Courtesy of the Booz Art Gallery! I’ve written at length in the past about my years at Johnson State College and my JSC pals, including Dave Booz. Dave and I have stayed in touch over the years, and Dave just this weekend emailed me these photos [...]

* Mike Diana, Live Tonight! Better late than never — this is far too short notice for all but those of you in the NYC area, but here goes: For more info, visit Mike Diana’s website or contact Mike and I have been swapping some very odds & ends in the mail over the [...]

Mark ‘Sparky’ Whitcomb on the Dibden Stage — well, on the Dibden Stage atop the shoulders of unicyclist and fellow Subhuman Dave Booz! From the Johnson State College stage production Obysseus, a potpourri of theatrical oddities, performances, dance and music, 1976; photo compliments of Dave and Brenda Booz, ©1976, 2009 Dave Booz, posted with permission. [...]

The peek in the SpiderBaby Archives vaults continues with more Johnson State College work — and a glimpse of what-was-to-come, with a related Kubert School years artifact to share with you today… I was very active in the theater department during my two+ years at JSC. Here’s another high-concept Dibden Theater performance I designed and [...]

Here’s the actual bookplates for printed from the “Underwater Rendevous” color piece — they were all signed and delivered to John Rovnak at over a week ago. This Swamp Thing book plate is available to you exclusively from – You can order your copy of the brand-new Swamp Thing hardcover Volume 1, [...]