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Drawing Comics Lab & Rockets to the Moon Monday Musings on Mark-Marking & Moon Missions Last week I mentioned I’d received my comp copy of Robyn Chapman‘s brand-spanking-new DRAWING COMICS LAB: 52 Exercises on Characters, Panels, Storytelling, Publishing & Professional Practices, a book I’m in (with one of the 52 exercises). I can’t recommend this book [...]

Seeing Print in 2013 Hey, It’s Already Happening! Here’s the first of my work to see print in 2013: I’m in WENG’S CHOP #2, the new fanzine from former Monster International editor/co-publisher Tim Paxton, and here’s where you can get your copy. Tim accepted my lengthy reviews of Yûreisen: Zempen, Yûreisen: Kôhen, Hell Island, Raw Meat, [...]