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Star Trek, Balloons, & Scotland Yard Intrigues Also: Celebrating John Constantine’s 25th Birthday On a whim, I posted three Bissette Star Trek monster sketches for sale with rare, still-in-the-shrinkwrap collectible¬†Star Trek Peter Pan Records 45 RPMs (1979) on Facebook over the weekend, and one of ‘em sold: a color Horta sketch, with record. Above is [...]

¬© 2008 Stephen R. Bissette; sample panels from “Secrets and Lies, Windows and Wounds” What secrets, dreams and lies await you in my brand-new 13-page story for Secrets & Lies? You’ll see — soon!

No art to post this AM, but I’m hearing back from the couple of friends I mailed hard copies of my 13-page Secrets & Lies story to, and getting good vibes. Sweet. Rick Veitch was first to weigh in: “Got the SECRETS AND LIES strip this morning and it’s a doozie. If you are going [...]

2 AM Yep, up at 2 AM, working on the Neil Gaiman book… Marge and I nodded out around 9:30 PM. We did so after a day of work for both of us, an afternoon of heavy snowfall — and inch an hour! Via dumb luck, I got home from my CCS teaching for Thursday [...]

Tween Dream, ChiChi and Joe & Steve’s Big Adventure For those of you seeking more personalized Bissette posts, here’s your fix for the week. _______________________ Tween Dream, dreamt this AM, twixt 6 AM and finally getting out of bed at 8 AM (that’s sleeping in way late for me): Marge and I are watching a [...]

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