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Thursday, Friday at ASU SRB Speaks, Presents Dutchman & Night of the Living Dead™ I’ll be at Appalachian State University Thursday and Friday to speak and present the two classic 1960s films pictured above. You’ll find me Thursday, Sept. 26th and Friday, the 27th, on the Appalachian State University campus. I’m a grateful visiting author [...]

Going Dutch at ASU SRB Speaks, Presents Dutchman & Night of the Living Dead™ at ASU This Week I’ll be at Appalachian State University this week to speak and present two classic 1960s films—via authorized exhibitions, I’m happy to note—and here’s hoping some mud gets kicked up and some minds get blown along the way. [...]

Hate Movies Revisited Revising & Expanding the Essay for Publication ________ Thanks to my stepson Mike Bleier (thanks, Mike!), my collection and research library is becoming far, far more accessible and organized. What sweet, sweet relief, and what fun it’s been to unbox at long last all kinds of comics, books, magazines, and rarities that [...]

Mixed & Matched Or; Final Look at What I Was Talking About All Month Last image: circa 2010, photo from the set of the never-to-be-completed, never-to-be-released Red Dawn remake, cancelled due to MGM’s collapse and fear of antagonizing China (the invaders in the remake). The latest studio “hate movie,” nipped in the bud? ______ Please [...]

Going Dutch LeRoi Jones/Amiri Imamu Baraka’s Dutchman, Part 8; Hate Movies, Part 11 While I’ve more to share with you, this coda brings to a conclusion my Dutchman essay. Wrapping up: _______________ Dutchman was on film a year before Anthony Harvey‘s official adaptation. Well, momentarily. Sort of. About a half hour into Jean-Luc Godard‘s Masculin, [...]