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Heap Horrors My Worst Pro Comic Book Cover After Theodore Sturgeon‘s “It,” but before Swamp Thing or Man-Thing, there was The Heap… I just finished two Heap paintings I’m pretty happy with (and, more importantly, the publisher is happy with). One of them will appear as a cover later this year; more on that once [...]

How Spawn & Todd Bought Eclipse Or; Yes, Spawn Spogz Were Manufactured! A quick addendum to the Marvelman/Miracleman/Eclipse Comics/Todd McFarlane/Spawn Spogz writeup, specifically yesterday’s post, where I asked, “I’ve never seen the Spogz themselves—were they ever manufactured and shipped? Anyone know?” To which two folks immediately answered, YES! John Platt, on the comments thread to [...]

How Spawn & Todd Bought Eclipse Or; How Miracleman Became a Casualty of Todd McFarlane’s 1996 Copyright Cleanup I’m following up on last week’s pair of posts “ SpiderBaby Archives: Flashbacks to 1993… Miracleman on Stage? Was an Australian Play Based on Miracleman Produced in 1993?” and “SpiderBaby Archives: Flashback to 1993, Cont.—Whither Miracleman? Or; [...]

Whither Miracleman? Or; How Miracleman Was the Least of Problems for Eclipse Comics by December 1993… See, the comics scene was crazy in 1993. Really, crazy. Amid all the craziness, I don’t think many folks gave a rat’s ass at that moment about who owned Miracleman, other than Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham, who had [...]

Miracleman on Stage? Was an Australian Play Based on Miracleman Produced in 1993? I’m amid yet another move— —as some of you know, Hurricane Irene flooding forced the Center for Cartoon Studies to rescue the Schulz Library collection from its former home at the Main Street Museum in downtown White River Jct., VT, and in [...]