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Grave Concern Concerns Or; How I Reworked A Final Panel That Didn’t Work, Part 2 __________________ As I mentioned last post, John Totleben just turned up the original art for my first two-page comix story for Connecticut-based artist/editor/publisher Clifford Neal‘s Dr. Wirtham’s Comix and Stories.  I thought the original art was long lost and long gone, [...]

Grandenetti Guignol Redux The Master’s Originals from his Prime Era Wrapping up this week’s overview of the forgotten masterpieces of Jerry Grandenetti with a quartet of pages generously photographed by Richard Gagnon, from his own original art collection. These are shared here with Richard‘s very kind permission, and pretty much speak for themselves. It’s great [...]

Gathering Horror The Overlooked Book of the Year is Still Available! Here’s How to Get Yours! On Friday, I wrote about the “one book I must bring to everyone’s attention before the year ends is David Horne‘s absolutely terrific, and sadly unsung, labor of love, Gathering Horror: A Completist Collector’s Catalogue and Index for Warren [...]

Gorgo & Gathering Horror Work in Progress Previewed, A Book of the Year Overlooked I’ve completed a batch of new sketches over December, and have a few in the works, including the above Gorgo portrait (awaiting a proper bathysphere—note to self: do research first!). Keep an eye out on the prime blog real estate above [...]