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Starstruck Struck Marvel/Disney Hammers Creator-Owned Starstruck Creators With Cease & Desist Letter Starstruck™ and all characters, concepts, and likenesses trademarks and  © Elaine Lee and Michael W. Kaluta—Marvel/Disney, take note! Look, I told everyone once the Marvel vs. Friedrich judgment was cast, we’d be seeing Marvel/Disney going after every creator that emerged in their legal [...]

Forgotten Comics Wars Or: How Angry Freelancers Made It Possible for A New Mainstream Comics Era (Including Vertigo) to Exist, Part 11 __________________________________ I’ll now step briefly away from airing the public record to offer my perceptions and opinions directly. We’re finally reaching the conclusion of this historical overview, and before I wrap up with [...]

Grumm! The Boy & His Monster That Didn’t See Print More discoveries being shared with you from last weekend’s marathon (and still incomplete) SpiderBaby Archives original artwork sort/bag/label/file frenzy, and another blast from the past circa 1983: Years before Pitt, there was — Grumm! Or, rather, there wasn’t any Grumm. This is yet another of the [...]

Invented Parasites Vintage Time Spirits Concept Sketches Revealed! Ah, back to 1983 — I was pencilling Saga of the Swamp Thing, my pals Steve Perry and Tom Yeates were working on Time Spirits for Marvel Comics’ brand-new Epic Comics line for editor Archie Goodwin, and Steve asked me to come up with a design for [...]