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Blue Monday 2: Meatmen! Cuddly Caveman & Henry Kujawa’s Overview of The Classic Reprint Gay Comix Series  “Broc of the Stone Age” TM & ©1991, 2012 Mike Kuchar, all rights reserved. __________ WARNING: The following content, though non-explicit, may be offensive to some. Proceed with Caution. Have Fun! _________ For the time being, this will [...]

The Forgotten Chas Balun Comix: Minicomics from the Lord of Gore Score As all good gorehounds know, Charlie Balun aka Chas Balun changed everything about how horror movies were weighed, valued and written about with two self-published chapbooks in 1983 and ’84. That one-two punch heard ’round the world (in time) were these two modest [...]

Cover art to Gore Shriek #1, 1986; artwork © 1986, 2008 Bruce Spaulding Fuller; title trademark of FantaCo Enterprises Inc. Just a couple of weeks ago (if you scroll down past my screed against Christian dating spam, which BTW has stopped altogether since this post), I promised a bit of an overview of the FantaCo [...]