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Equinoxes & Eclipses Waxing & Waning Memories Photo ©1995, 2013 Gerhard Hey, that’s me, in 1995, at the Spirits of Independence S.R. Bissette’s Tyrant® booth, in front of a banner Cindy Leszczak created (with my fabric-painted Tyrant T. rex prominent) for my convention and trade show appearances. I was shooting for the moon, baby! Last month, [...]

Sim/Bissette Hitchcock/Truffaut, We’re Not! Reminder, and a touchstone for those coming fresh to the ongoing conversation (please, spread this Cerebus TV link around where ever you think attentive eyes/ears might be interested): Dave Sim‘s and Cerebus TV‘s streaming video discussion of yours truly, Parts 1 and 2, are now running back to back at Cerebus [...]

End of 2010 Spin with Sim Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, The Big Pass, & More! * Once again, continuing and picking up directly from yesterday (right from here, still needing to respond to Dave‘s last two paragraphs and the next page, which I’ll also post below)… Dave concluded his December 20th FAX letter [...]

See yesterday’s post — Remember: by now, everyone was taking all this very personally — even folks who weren’t involved were taking all this very personally. So you can imagine, perhaps, how those directly involved were feeling. So, now, see, because of the time lag between actual event and press coverage of said event, and [...]

* Jack Hill’s Spider Baby is on the big screen in Massachusetts! Alert! Ken at Main Street Records and my son Daniel brought this to my attention, and now I’m bringing it to yours: Tomorrow night at Midnight! Spider Baby is playing at the Pleasant Street Theater in downtown Northampton, MA — here’s all the [...]

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