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Drawing Blood How to Make a Monster & Anatomical Art Rather than post anything political today—you all know if you voted, how you voted, and how you feel about the elections—suffice to note I’m still deep in pushing lead and slinging ink on the “how to draw monsters” book for Watson-Guptill, working title S.R. Bissette’s [...]

Berserk Bicentennial Big Beasts! Or: How Godzilla, Megalon, and Wisconsin-Spawned Space Spiders Overran 1976 America, Part 2 One of the ballsiest aspects of Cinema Shares promo of their wide summer of 1976 release of Jun Fukuda‘s ゴジラ対メガロ / Gojira tai Megaro / Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973) was their blatant appropriation of artist  John Berkey‘s memorable [...]

Taking a Breather Well, Took a Breather Apologies for the previously unannounced week away from Myrant. Between a heavy workload this week, some major breakthroughs on projects (announcements next week!), and taking a fall on black ice on my driveway that rendered my drawing hand a bit gnarly, I steered clear of the keyboard for [...]

Lock & Load Update on Steve Perry & More * Health Careless in America: Here is the latest on my old friend Steve Perry‘s ongoing health crisis. His cancer is acute, and he went under the surgeon’s scalpel last Thursday. Read on. This, along with the harsh news about Gene Colan‘s current situation (perversely, as [...]

“How to Make a Monster” – Part 10 (and Final!)