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Blue Monday 2: Meatmen! Cuddly Caveman & Henry Kujawa’s Overview of The Classic Reprint Gay Comix Series  “Broc of the Stone Age” TM & ©1991, 2012 Mike Kuchar, all rights reserved. __________ WARNING: The following content, though non-explicit, may be offensive to some. Proceed with Caution. Have Fun! _________ For the time being, this will [...]

An Unexpected Gift from Muriel Kubert This Week; and Another from Howard Cruse; and… I was tearing apart the few accessible boxes of my comics collection to find this Kubert story from 1969, “”The Cartoonist At Home,” from DC’s one-shot 25-center Joe Kubert special collection, but thankfully Rob Tornoe posted it here at, so [...]

What is this winter weather pattern we’re in? Almost every single Tuesday PM/Wednesday AM since January has brought us snow or, like today, worse — sleet and freezing rain. A shitstorm! I love driving in the snow, but I hate driving in this crap. Nonetheless, we’re going ahead with class at the Center for Cartoon [...]

The War That Time Forgot Resurrected? Rambo Ravages and Bissette Dreams… My, my, don’t forget if you’re in driving/walking distance of Brattleboro, VT that tonight’s the night that my son Dan will be rocking The Tinder Box with his cronies with The MAJESTY FOREVER GLOWING MUSIC AND ART SHOW! Here’s the Tinder Box MySpace page, [...]