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Stan Lee Tells the Truth!

A Modest Proposal 2: Continued A Statement from The Wally Wood Estate; Richard Gagnon Statement to Myrant Readers Time for a followup to Monday’s Myrant post. My sharing Richard Gagnon‘s letter was picked up as a news story by earlier this week, and the comments thread to that article and Richard‘s letter reveal how [...]

Green Screens & Mr. Lee It’s Not Stan Lee This Time—It’s Ang Lee! Facebook blossomed green profile pics all day Monday and Tuesday. Why? “…the “green screen profile” is a show of support to the VFX community in the wake of the Rhythm & Hues/Life of Pi situation.” Among the many who shared the solidarity [...]

Pop Injustices of 2012 A Roundup of Some of the Worst of the Year This isn’t an end-of-year “worst of” list, not the type you’re used to seeing online, anyway. Well, OK, to make this a round half-dozen, I’ll indulge two minor “worst of” notations: * Worst relaunch of 2012: The DC 52 aka the [...]

Expressions, Ideas, & Stan Lee Stan’s Ideas; Steve’s Expression (Even Sans Stan) This continues a serialized essay I launched last week. If you’re new to the blog, or just tuning in today, here you go: ”Digging Ditko,” Part 1 ”Digging Ditko,” Part 2 and “Digging Ditko,” Part 3 Continuing: They were a little daunting, a [...]