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Swamped!!! Muck Men, Movie Art, Cartoonist Studio Contest, & Melanie’s Mountain Trek Amid sketching endless Swamp Thing heads, slinging ink, slapping graphite onto board, writing, teaching, and shipping SpiderBaby Store orders out daily, I’ve been doing interviews for various book projects and introductions, and I’ve been giving interviews of late, too. Rich Handley posted this [...]

“Avengers—Dissemble!” What Long-Term Service Did Stan Lee Provide That Jack Kirby Didn’t (or Couldn’t)? Man, the crazy resistance to Jack Kirby‘s heirs deserving anything (save, apparently, contempt) is maddening. Heirs of creators whose fathers and mothers created work of lasting cultural impact/value inherit either a legacy of continued participation and profiting from that legacy (i.e., [...]

ICAF is HERE! Part 3 The International Comic Arts Forum is at CCS This Week! I’ll be there; will you? *** Here’s what I’ll be directly participating in: Uzumaki artwork ©1999, 2011 Junji Ito Friday, September 30th, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM: GUEST ARTIST: An Evening with Stephen R. Bissette Uncanny Geometries: Junji Ito’s UZUMAKI [...]

ICAF is HERE! Part 2 The International Comic Arts Forum is at CCS This Week! As announced last month, and in more detail yesterday here at Myrant, ICAF is coming to CCS, like, this week and weekend. I’ll be there; will you? If you don’t know about ICAF, clue yourself in, pronto, Tonto. This year, [...]

ICAF is Coming! The International Comic Arts Forum is Coming to CCS This Fall! Since its 1995 debut at Georgetown University through its creative collaboration with the Small Press Expo (1997-2000, 2002, 2004) to its three years at the Library of Congress (2005-2007), the annual ICAF symposium (“devoted to the study of comics in all [...]