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Kreepy Kartoonists Krash Keene NH! With Heapin’ Halloween Helpings of Horror! Help yourself to a slice of MONSTER PIE! Steve Bissette/Denis St. John’s collaboration cover art for Monster Pie #1, debuting this Saturday at Comic Boom! in Keene, NH! Artwork ©2012 Stephen R. Bissette and Denis St. John, all rights reserved; logo (below) is a [...]

Note: Friday Morning Update Added (See Below) CCS at SPX — Small Press Expo –- North America’s Premiere Independent Cartooning and Comic Arts Festival * The Center for Cartoon Studies community has had a measurable footprint at SPX every year since CCS began, and it’s growing. This is pretty exciting and amazing, and indicative of [...]

New Bissette Art for Upcoming SPX Debut Issue of 4-Square –

The Center for Cartoon Studies graduation yesterday was a pip: we were graced with a great senior speaker Denis St. John, Alison Bechdel was the key-note speaker and gave a marvelous talk (illustrated by select panels and one of her earliest works: a story she wrote and drew, one-drawing-per-page, as a child), the bagpipes played [...]

Joe Lambert: The CCS/MoCCA Interview (A Talk for the Heart of Saturday Night…) I could go on and on about Joe Lambert, who just finished up his first year at CCS and is about to launch into his senior year. But I won’t. I’ll let Joe do that, via this lengthy interview. Stick with it, [...]