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Cartoonists Crash Comic Boom! Heapin’ Halloween Helpings of Horror, Part 2! Help yourself to a slice of MONSTER PIE! Stephen R. Bissette/Denis St. John’s wraparound collaboration cover art for Monster Pie™ #1, debuting TOMORROW at Comic Boom! in Keene, NH! Artwork ©2012 Stephen R. Bissette and Denis St. John, all rights reserved; Monster Pie™ is [...]

CCS Class of 2011 Roll Call Graduation is Tomorrow As I mentioned yesterday, we have a grand new Center for Cartoon Studies graduating class, the Class of 2011. Kudos, one and all, Class of 2011! They will be graduating officially tomorrow, Saturday, May 14th. This class is making history in ways I’ll discuss this weekend—or [...]

Move Over, Dick Sprang! First Looks at Faux-1952-Four-Color Funnybooks, Continued! Time to share some tidbits from editors Paul Karasik and Alec Longstreth’s 1953 (why they ditched ’52, I’ll never understand) superhero comicbook… From cover-to-cover, Ear Shot and his Supersonic Sidekick Sonar (or, as Paul emphasized to me when I asked, it would have just been [...]