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Mud, Blood & Rust Swamp Sketch Previews & Norman Maurer Promotes Rust! I’m working my way through another two chapters of the How to Make a Monster art instructional book project, juggling that with completing batches of free Swamp Thing sketches (among others!)—all of which is hitting the mail this week en route to those who [...]

Flashbacks to What Never Was Draculex™, N-Man™, Red Tails™ Faux-Comicbook Covers Work continues on a number of projects—first and foremost, work (I can’t show you) on the S.R. Bissette’s How to Make a Monster art instructional book for Watson-Guptill/Random House; work (I won’t show you) on Tales of the Uncanny™, the N-Man™/Naut Comics™ project. Oh, [...]

Missing, & Missing Joe Myrant Mourning M.I.A.; I’m Back Now… Simply “Missing Joe,” it should read, but since I simply elected to hunker down and leave last Monday’s post dedicated to Joe Kubert as a mourning sign, more or less, some emails inquired if I was OK. Suffice to note the weekend has been a [...]

To Joe, With Love A Sad Farewell to the Man Who Opened All the Doors My life changed the nanosecond I met Joe Kubert; a nanosecond later, he and my father shook hands for the first time, and my life changed again, always for the better with Joe there. Though Joe didn’t know it, I’d [...]

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Superhero Catalogs! Ivan Snyder, Superhero/Heroes World, and Our First “Pro” Jobs It’s interesting to me how much nostalgia is evident online for the old 1970s Superhero/Heroes World catalogs and ads. I’ve misplaced the link I’d held to the posting of the above ad, but it brought back a rush of memories when Devlin Thompson brought [...]