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Secret Origins of John Constantine Totleben Reminds Me Of Another Inspiration… John Totleben reminded me in September 2012, and again in a phone conversation this month, that we always forget to cite one of the key pop touchstones that led us to “cast” Sting in Saga of the Swamp Thing. That led to Alan Moore [...]

Grave Concern Concerns Or; How I Reworked A Final Panel That Didn’t Work, Part 2 __________________ As I mentioned last post, John Totleben just turned up the original art for my first two-page comix story for Connecticut-based artist/editor/publisher Clifford Neal‘s Dr. Wirtham’s Comix and Stories.  I thought the original art was long lost and long gone, [...]

Swamp Thing & Abby Mark McMurray kindly sent me this scan via Facebook, and with his permission, I’m sharing it with y’all here, today. Mark wrote, “Thought I’d share this scan I came across while organizing my files. Drawn by you & John Totleben, April-May 1985! My Dad still has the original hanging at his [...]

Salad Days Preview Cont. SOTST #29 Cover Roughs, Part 2 As I mentioned on Wednesday, I’ve been digging through my old sketchbooks, files, and flat files seeking illustrations (specifically, images without proprietary rights issues with DC Comics, though I’ll of course be acknowledging their primary ownership of trademarks/copyrights on the titles and characters) for my [...]

Star Trek, Balloons, & Scotland Yard Intrigues Also: Celebrating John Constantine’s 25th Birthday On a whim, I posted three Bissette Star Trek monster sketches for sale with rare, still-in-the-shrinkwrap collectible Star Trek Peter Pan Records 45 RPMs (1979) on Facebook over the weekend, and one of ‘em sold: a color Horta sketch, with record. Above is [...]