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Star Godzilla & Swamp Mugshots Busting A Hong Kong Gojira Rip & More Inky Stink I’ve been really savoring Tim Paxton & Brian Harris‘s new fanzine Weng’s Chop #2, which sports Jolyon Yate‘s tantalizing article “Thai Kaiju: A Sketchy Introduction to Giant Monsters in Thai Cinema” (pp. 30-33), which has given me (pardon my French) [...]

International—N-Man! Or: A Sampler of N-Man Imagery Underway & Under (Partial, As of This Post) Wraps, Part 2 As work proceeds on the first N-Man-related project in 20 years, Tales of the Uncanny™ – N-Man™ & Friends: A Naut Comics History Vol. 1, it’s time to note that I’ve employed a few fellow travelers and [...]