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Flashbacks to What Never Was Draculex™, N-Man™, Red Tails™ Faux-Comicbook Covers Work continues on a number of projects—first and foremost, work (I can’t show you) on the S.R. Bissette’s How to Make a Monster art instructional book for Watson-Guptill/Random House; work (I won’t show you) on Tales of the Uncanny™, the N-Man™/Naut Comics™ project. Oh, [...]

N-Man™ vs. Draculex!™ Continuing the Sneak Peek of Upcoming Hypernaut/N-Man/Fury/Sky Solo Wonders… Another week, another peek at some of what awaits patient N-Man, Fury, Hypernaut, and Sky Solo fans this winter in Tales of the Uncanny—N-Man & Friends: A Naut Comics History, Volume 1 (About Comics) and other TBA projects and venues. Naut Comics wouldn’t [...]

Michael Landon Lycanthropy Fans, Take Note…

Howl at the Moon! Full Moon Rise, Werewolf!!! 3 Debuts! Ladies and Gents, it’s my great pleasure to announce that a battalion of sturdy ink-slinging CCSers are now in Boston, with a harvest of their work for sale. With the plethora of regional independent comic conventions sprouting like all-season mushrooms, I’ve frankly given up trying [...]

Going, Going – One More Day for Stumptown! [Tales of the Uncanny Preview Edition at Stumptown, Table 3B. Below: The display at table 3B -- and that's just a portion of the CCS presence at the show. Photos ©2010 Colleen Frakes, posted with permission. Thanks, Colleen!] * Update from Stumptown (see yesterday’s post for details): [...]

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