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Of Cabbages, Corinthians, Corporations & Kings This, That, and Other Things * Campaign finance reform is dead, slaughtered by last week’s 5-4 Supreme Court ruling sending what’s left of our democratic process to the cleaners for good. Remember how individual contributions made such a difference in the last election? Well, forget it. It’s corporate dollars [...]

Bigfoot Breakfast!

See yesterday’s post — Remember: by now, everyone was taking all this very personally — even folks who weren’t involved were taking all this very personally. So you can imagine, perhaps, how those directly involved were feeling. So, now, see, because of the time lag between actual event and press coverage of said event, and [...]

I gathered everything together into a tidy squarebound, clear-plastic covered binder (cover is at left; sample pages below), and formally submitted our Little Brothers proposal to Mike Richardson at Dark Horse Comics. Take note: this proposal was far more detailed and extensive than any I’d done to date. It was, after all, a proposal following [...]

Michael Zulli and I were cooking on the Little Brothers! Thanks to Bob Heer, and with Michael’s very kind permission, I can now share a few of Michael’s sketches of the untcigahunk (scanned from the pages of Michael’s sketchbook Noodles; see post #2 for more info and links to snag your own copy). Note the [...]