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Wampum Physics, “Alphabet of Zombies,” & Much More! Proud Poppa Bissette Announces First CD from Son Daniel Bissette & His Pal Alex Hiam Now On Sale! Alex Hiam, at left; Daniel Bissette, at right; Wampum Physics cover photograph ©2011 Ezra Distler. _____ We’ve got a lot of great new creative work just placed into the [...]

New Books: Peeps, Babies, Horrors! Or; Look What the Saber-Toothed Cats Dragged In * I just received my copies of my late friend Steve Perry‘s last book, Salimba (About Comics). It’s a beautiful package, and the definitive edition of this body of work originally created by Steve and then-new-to-comics artist Paul Chadwick for Pacific Comics‘s [...]