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Wampum Physics, “Alphabet of Zombies,” & Much More! Proud Poppa Bissette Announces First CD from Son Daniel Bissette & His Pal Alex Hiam Now On Sale! Alex Hiam, at left; Daniel Bissette, at right; Wampum Physics cover photograph ©2011 Ezra Distler. _____ We’ve got a lot of great new creative work just placed into the [...]

Happy Birthday, Son! Dancing Through Life With Daniel & Digging Every Second of It Portrait of Daniel by Marlene O’Connor, December 2011; ©2011 Marlene O’Connor, all rights reserved; image below, portrait of father and son (me and Daniel) by Marlene O’Connor, a panel from her collaboration with Neil Gaiman, “Blood Monster,” Taboo 7, 1990, reprinted [...]

Morning, all –The Center for Cartoon Studies graduation is today. Here’s the talk I’m giving the students and their families this morning; I’m counting on all of them being too busy to have time to read my blog before heading out to the morning brunch, where they’ll be subjected to this — surely, once is [...]

Zombies, Brickbats & Dragonflies With real spring hitting, the black flies are finally out, along with the blessings of night moths and my first glimpse of butterflies and dragonflies yesterday by daylight. I love this time of year — so, to commemorate the new awakening, here’s some early morning dragonflies for you. Dragonflies courtesy of [...]

Tuesday Morning This and That – Hmmm, what’s this? I’ll tell you tomorrow! But for today – A big hello to my daughter Maia Rose, and news from two other daughters of comics folks whose work you may know and love, and who are now out there making their own marks in the world — [...]