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WaP!: “Surrender, Dorothy!” The Forgotten Activist Prozine: Part 4 WaP! #3 (page 18) editorial cartoon by Michael Zulli; ©1988, 2013 Michael Zulli Oh, those were heady times back in the spring of 1988. So much had already happened; so much was about to happen. There were bookeeping and tax issues freelancers as a group were [...]

WaP! The Forgotten Activist Prozine: Part 1 This material has never been seen online before, anywhere. I’d like to keep it that way, too. This serialized essay is ©2013 Stephen R. Bissette. The individual archival images are ©1987,1988 their respective authors and creators. Note: I have not granted permission for these posts to be shared [...]

A Modest Proposal 2: LOCampaign 2013 Richard Gagnon Initiates Grass Roots Backlash Today’s guest blog post is from Richard Gagnon: I’ve decided to help Steve Ditko by taking the time to once a week write a reporter that puts out a story about the upcoming Spider-Man movie. I don’t know if any of them will [...]

Starstruck Struck Marvel/Disney Hammers Creator-Owned Starstruck Creators With Cease & Desist Letter Starstruck™ and all characters, concepts, and likenesses trademarks and  © Elaine Lee and Michael W. Kaluta—Marvel/Disney, take note! Look, I told everyone once the Marvel vs. Friedrich judgment was cast, we’d be seeing Marvel/Disney going after every creator that emerged in their legal [...]

Spelunking Comics Pre-Leo Geo & Splashing with Spongebob Leo Geo Precursors & Bissette Breaks US Comics Retirement Wearing Squarepants Today’s post is a followup to my review of Jon Chad‘s excellent Leo Geo, and I want to open by noting that Lila Denning of Florida‘s most excellent St. Petersburg Public Library wrote me (via Facebook, and granted [...]