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Blue Monday 2: Meatmen! Cuddly Caveman & Henry Kujawa’s Overview of The Classic Reprint Gay Comix Series  “Broc of the Stone Age” TM & ©1991, 2012 Mike Kuchar, all rights reserved. __________ WARNING: The following content, though non-explicit, may be offensive to some. Proceed with Caution. Have Fun! _________ For the time being, this will [...]

* Mike Diana, Live Tonight! Better late than never — this is far too short notice for all but those of you in the NYC area, but here goes: For more info, visit Mike Diana’s website or contact Mike and I have been swapping some very odds & ends in the mail over the [...]

The War on Our Doorstep As the regular Myrant readers know, and those who read the comments occasionally see, my views of the ongoing corruption of my home country are pretty clear. This isn’t the America I grew up in; this isn’t the America that we say we are. The blithe indifference too many fellow [...]