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Howl at the Moon! Full Moon Rise, Werewolf!!! 3 Debuts! Ladies and Gents, it’s my great pleasure to announce that a battalion of sturdy ink-slinging CCSers are now in Boston, with a harvest of their work for sale. With the plethora of regional independent comic conventions sprouting like all-season mushrooms, I’ve frankly given up trying [...]

[Photo ©2010 Katherine Roy, posted with permission.] N-Man, Fury, Hypernaut, Solo with CCS at MoCCA! Blast-Off for New Comix & Comics! Well, it’s time. I’ve been previewing a wide selection of new projects all week long, and as I write this a caravan of Center for Cartoon Studies students, cartoonists and community members are either [...]

N-Man, Fury, Hypernaut at MoCCA! The New Era Begins This Weekend… [What was: and is no more. The original Image Comics Presents promo for N-Man, circa 1992. A new N-Man era begins this weekend!] Having sat for a full twelve years on my respective part of what originally was 1963 — that’s twelve years on top [...]

Note: Friday Morning Update Added (See Below) CCS at SPX — Small Press Expo –- North America’s Premiere Independent Cartooning and Comic Arts Festival * The Center for Cartoon Studies community has had a measurable footprint at SPX every year since CCS began, and it’s growing. This is pretty exciting and amazing, and indicative of [...]

* As noted yesterday (see post, below, which includes the necessary links and info), Center for Cartoon Studies alumni, students, artists and community members will be all over the MoCCA Art Festival 2009 showroom, selling their new work and schmoozing with the crowd. If you’re going to be at MoCCA, be sure to look ‘em [...]