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Making Sense of the Muck & Mire Social Media & Reinvented Histories Redux My deepest thanks to all who ordered anything during the three SpiderBaby Store “free Swamp Thing head sketch” (sample, above, and in-process sketch, below, left) test marketing periods. I began by offering a free Swamp Thing head sketch via Facebook posts only; [...]

Something Like an Ending Wrapping Up Before the New Year? Maybe So… The first sketch ever posted and sold at Myrant via the Sketch Gallery showcase headliner spot, circa January 2nd, 2009; ©2008 Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved. _____________ As the 2012 New Year approaches, I’m pondering what precisely to do with Myrant. Do [...]

Back in the Saddle: Recovering from a Month Akimbo This week capped as difficult a spring as I’ve ever had. I’ve been offline as my wife Marge had (scheduled) surgery this week, and we’re just now easing into some semblence of a daily pattern we can both deal with. I’ll hopefully be back in the [...]

Myrant Digital Comix Phase 2: “King of Monster Isle” Begins Second Chapter Today! Until Cat and I get a simpler method in place, here’s the full list of links for “King of Monster Isle” Chapter One, in all its glory, for those who are new to the blog or those who want to easily access [...]

Happy Halloween! The 1st Sketch of 2009…

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