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WaP! #7: The Penultimate Issue The Forgotten Activist Prozine Continued: Part 16 WaP! #7 was comparitively modest 20-page issue, with no postdate (the issues were now mailed in a flat envelope). This issue sported my one and only WaP! cover art (above), caricaturing the leaked memo from Texan comics retailer Buddy Saunders. As a lifelong fan [...]

New Books: Peeps, Babies, Horrors! Or; Look What the Saber-Toothed Cats Dragged In * I just received my copies of my late friend Steve Perry‘s last book, Salimba (About Comics). It’s a beautiful package, and the definitive edition of this body of work originally created by Steve and then-new-to-comics artist Paul Chadwick for Pacific Comics‘s [...]

Steve Perry & Paul Chadwick’s Salimba Hits the Shelves Features Steve’s Final Story, “Baby” The collected edition of Steve Perry and Paul Chadwick‘s Salimba will be in shops soon—but not for long, and not in too many shops. Salimba collected edition publisher Nat Gertler of About Comics notes, “A combination of a sharp drop in [...]

Tales of the Uncanny is Coming! In December from About Comics! ‘About Comics’ logo TM Nat Gertler; Tales of the Uncanny About Comics logo (for this project only, per arrangement with the publisher) revamped and designed by Mark Bilokur, N-Man portrait by Stephen R. Bissette. [Right: Cover art by Jay Piscopo and Stephen R. Bissette; [...]

Holmes vs. Red Planet Mars, Part 2; Or; Making Martians & Pining for Pulp Amid the Debris of 19th-to-20th Century Pop Culture, Continued Continuing the discussion of Manly Wade Wellman and Wade Wellman‘s Sherlock Holmes’s War of the Worlds (1975) and other H.G. Wells orbiting debris… ___________________________________________________ But first, a few announcements: ___________________________________________________ * Tales [...]

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