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No One Escapes… The Fury!™ The Original Adventures of The Fury™, N-Man™, Hypernaut™ & Crew Soon Online Suffice to note that on August 1, working within the guidelines outlined here at Myrant, “three classic 20-year-old stories running a page a day” will launch at this venue. _____________ No One Escapes… The Fury™, The Unbelievable N-Man™, [...]

Farewell to Thee, ’63 An Announcement I’m amid some momentous life changes, and as part of that, I want to air the following: Since they will never, ever be reprinted in an authorized edition in my lifetime, I hearby note that if anyone out there wants to post (with proper copyright and trademark citation) the [...]

[N-Man in the Shimmering Zone pencil portrait by Michael Dubisch, one stage of Michael's contribution to the upcoming Tales of the Uncanny: N-Man & Friends: A Naut Comics History, Volume 1 from SpiderBaby Grafix and About Comics! Michael's completed inked version appears in the Tales of the Uncanny Preview Edition, and in all its glory [...]

Previews & Re-Views Get Your Tales of the Uncanny Preview Edition Here, Folks! * By popular demand — now that MoCCA 2010 is history, and seeing as I’ve been inundated with requests for access to the MoCCA exclusive Tales of the Uncanny Preview Edition (see last week’s posts, where all is explained), for a limited [...]

N-Man, Fury, Hypernaut, CCS at MoCCA! Ignatz-Award-Winner CCS Alumni Colleen Frakes Kicks Off Weekend Events at Jim Hanley’s Universe Tonight! Time to front-load the CCSers in the Big Apple this weekend, and save the N-Man/Fury/Hypernaut/Commander Solo ballyhoo for the closer… * Though she’s been cutting a rug at MoCCA since 2006, CCS Pioneer Class Alumni, [...]

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