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CCS Class of 2011 Roll Call Graduation is Tomorrow As I mentioned yesterday, we have a grand new Center for Cartoon Studies graduating class, the Class of 2011. Kudos, one and all, Class of 2011! They will be graduating officially tomorrow, Saturday, May 14th. This class is making history in ways I’ll discuss this weekend—or [...]

Previews & Re-Views Get Your Tales of the Uncanny Preview Edition Here, Folks! * By popular demand — now that MoCCA 2010 is history, and seeing as I’ve been inundated with requests for access to the MoCCA exclusive Tales of the Uncanny Preview Edition (see last week’s posts, where all is explained), for a limited [...]

N-Man, Fury, Hypernaut at MoCCA! The New Era Begins This Weekend… [What was: and is no more. The original Image Comics Presents promo for N-Man, circa 1992. A new N-Man era begins this weekend!] Having sat for a full twelve years on my respective part of what originally was 1963 — that’s twelve years on top [...]

N-Man, The Fury, Hypernaut Reborn! Resurrecting Retro-Characters for the 21st Century What can be done with ‘retro’ comics that hasn’t been done to death? When Alan Moore, Rick Veitch and I collaborated on the Image Comics series 1963 back in 1993, it was a relatively new approach to a venerable medium and genre (superhero comics). [...]

Curses, Nukes, Ravens, Crayfish & San Papel Digging In & Digging Out * For what it’s worth, I didn’t post anything yesterday because I’m hard at work on the introduction to the third upcoming Swamp Thing DC/Vertigo hardcover collection, The Curse. This volume includes “The Nukeface Papers,” our two-part ‘water vampire’ tale (part 1 penciled [...]

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