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Mud, Blood & Rust Swamp Sketch Previews & Norman Maurer Promotes Rust! I’m working my way through another two chapters of the How to Make a Monster art instructional book project, juggling that with completing batches of free Swamp Thing sketches (among others!)—all of which is hitting the mail this week en route to those who [...]

“How to Make a Monster” – Part 5

“How to Make a Monster” – Part 4

“Raw” cover art, colored, for the new Tor #1 from DC Comics; © 2008 Joe Kubert A cause for celebration: Joe Kubert’s new Tor six-issue miniseries has debuted! As most of you know (and if you didn’t, you do now), Joe’s among my all-time most beloved cartoonists — for his work, which I’ve been savoring [...]

10 inches of fresh snow in Windsor, VT and it’s still gently coming down… a genuine Vermont/New England winter continues. But that’s not what I care to share with you this morning — it’s all about comics (and animation) today! Service Industry: The world as it is in the Bakosphere? Center for Cartoon Studies fellow [...]