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Wampum Physics, “Alphabet of Zombies,” & Much More! Proud Poppa Bissette Announces First CD from Son Daniel Bissette & His Pal Alex Hiam Now On Sale! Alex Hiam, at left; Daniel Bissette, at right; Wampum Physics cover photograph ©2011 Ezra Distler. _____ We’ve got a lot of great new creative work just placed into the [...]

New Books: Peeps, Babies, Horrors! Or; Look What the Saber-Toothed Cats Dragged In * I just received my copies of my late friend Steve Perry‘s last book, Salimba (About Comics). It’s a beautiful package, and the definitive edition of this body of work originally created by Steve and then-new-to-comics artist Paul Chadwick for Pacific Comics‘s [...]

Back in the Blogging Saddle The Summer Sabbatical Ends; Daily Myrant Posts Return! It’s been an adventure of a summer; and now that the new semester at the Center for Cartoon Studies has begun, I find myself drawn back to the daily blogging habit I’ve nurtured for years now. Sorry I’ve been away; some of [...]

Proving that movie series based on comics are hardly a new phenomena, there was a series of Prehistoric Peeps movies, including one from 1918 entitled Before Our Time starring British stage and screen star Seymour Hicks, beloved to some Christmas and Dickens movie fans for being one of the first sound-era Ebenezer Scrooges. The British [...]

A little more about Edward Tennyson Reed, which I preserved from the description one of the ebay sellers posted with their Punch “Prehistoric Peeps” tearsheets (which I bid on and won early in ’07): E T Reed was born on 27 March 1860 and educated at Harrow. From 1880, he spent much time with his [...]

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