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Swamped!!! Muck Men, Movie Art, Cartoonist Studio Contest, & Melanie’s Mountain Trek Amid sketching endless Swamp Thing heads, slinging ink, slapping graphite onto board, writing, teaching, and shipping SpiderBaby Store orders out daily, I’ve been doing interviews for various book projects and introductions, and I’ve been giving interviews of late, too. Rich Handley posted this [...]

Going Ape! Redux More on Planet of the Apes Predecessors: Balaoo, DeCamp, Miller, Wellman! It’s taken me a while to get around to this followup to the first Myrant “Going Ape!” essay, which you can visit or re-visit with a click of this link. Back with me now? Good. I’ve a bit more to offer this [...]

Hungarian Apes in English? You Bet! More on Hungary’s Planet of the Apes Comic Adaptation from 1980; Joe Citro on Vermont’s Most Eccentric Artist; Falling Sensations at Vertigo! This past Sunday, I shared images Péter Kollárik sent me of particular interest to fellow Planet of the Apes lovers: an exquisite Hungarian comic book adaptation “by Hungary’s best [...]

Extraordinary Gentlemen: Blurs, Black Coats, Muckmen, Shadows, Doctors, Phantoms, Fantomas and White (House) Lies News on the home front blurs into a wider topic I’ve meant to post about all week. Thanks to today’s conjunction of events, I can do both… It’s been a loooong time coming, but this week finally arrived at the delivery [...]