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A Modest Proposal 2: Continued A Statement from The Wally Wood Estate; Richard Gagnon Statement to Myrant Readers Time for a followup to Monday’s Myrant post. My sharing Richard Gagnon‘s letter was picked up as a news story by earlier this week, and the comments thread to that article and Richard‘s letter reveal how [...]

A Modest Proposal 2: LOCampaign 2013 Richard Gagnon Initiates Grass Roots Backlash Today’s guest blog post is from Richard Gagnon: I’ve decided to help Steve Ditko by taking the time to once a week write a reporter that puts out a story about the upcoming Spider-Man movie. I don’t know if any of them will [...]

Grandenetti Guignol Redux The Master’s Originals from his Prime Era Wrapping up this week’s overview of the forgotten masterpieces of Jerry Grandenetti with a quartet of pages generously photographed by Richard Gagnon, from his own original art collection. These are shared here with Richard‘s very kind permission, and pretty much speak for themselves. It’s great [...]