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Teen Angels Ebook Forthcoming from Crossroad Press We’re pulling together a fall and winter lineup of ebooks from yours truly, launching the S.R. Bissette’s ON/IN COMICS™ line. One of the initial offerings will include at long last the ebook edition of Teen Angels & New Mutants. Here’s a first peek at the new cover, utilizing [...]

WaP!: “Alan Moore: A Letter from England” The Forgotten Activist Prozine: Part 10 Alan Moore was at the heart of the controversies that prompted the creation of WaP!, but Alan never really involved himself in collectivist ventures. And believe you me, I tried: the creator rights activism was very important to me at the time [...]

Star Trek, Balloons, & Scotland Yard Intrigues Also: Celebrating John Constantine’s 25th Birthday On a whim, I posted three Bissette Star Trek monster sketches for sale with rare, still-in-the-shrinkwrap collectible Star Trek Peter Pan Records 45 RPMs (1979) on Facebook over the weekend, and one of ‘em sold: a color Horta sketch, with record. Above is [...]

Tally Ho! A Few Thoughts on My (Brief) Return to the Convention Trail Time for a little followup on the Cincinnati Comic Expo and my Ohio week away. I just last week finished all my September bookkeeping, and tallying up the month, including Cincinnati Comic Expo and my trip to Ohio, just in terms of [...]

Taking the Swamp Thing Tour Recalling the Salad Days with the Pals Who Were Part of It For those who couldn’t make it (and maybe for some of those who did): Here’s the complete Cincinnati Comic Expo Swamp Thing reunion panel, moderated by none other than Dave Aikins, who kept things rolling. (Dave‘s an accomplished cartoonist [...]