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Making Monsters Peeks at Work-In-Progress… I’m still hammering away at the end stretch of this stage of work on my art instructional book project, working title S.R. Bissette’s How to Make a Monster (for 2014 publication). Here’s a end-of-week snapshot of a fraction of what’s been done and scanned, step-by-step as they’ve been drawn. Special [...]

A Monster-Maker’s Work is Never Done…

Drawing Blood How to Make a Monster & Anatomical Art Rather than post anything political today—you all know if you voted, how you voted, and how you feel about the elections—suffice to note I’m still deep in pushing lead and slinging ink on the “how to draw monsters” book for Watson-Guptill, working title S.R. Bissette’s [...]

Show & No Tell “Nuthin’ Says Luvin’/Like Somethin’ from the Oven…” I’ve been working me ass off for the past couple of weeks, and thought I’d shut the hell up for a change and just share some of what’s been sliding off the drawing board. Thanks to Ben for the top-notch scanning. Should I tell [...]

Harvest Moon Wonders, Horrors, & Spongebob! A little break today from the serialized Steve Ditko essay, which will continue later this week: As work continues non-stop on my primary 2012 book project, S.R. Bissette’s How to Make a Monster (Watson-Guptill, slated for 2014 publication), with new “how to draw monsters” chapters in the works and [...]

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