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* Damn it, I done it. With the move of a good friend from the area yesterday (hoping to keep in touch with him after his move), I took the plunge and joined Facebook yesterday morning. That doesn’t mean you won’t still find me here everyday — part of the reason for signing up at [...]

It’s been a long haul, a long read, a longer writing and we’re at last at the final chapter of this autopsy of an issue, Saga of the Swamp Thing #20 (1983), which has at last been reprinted for the first time ever in the new DC/Vertigo hardcover collected Swamp Thing. I hope you’ve found [...]

[Here's the ground rules for these archival posts: 1. Post links to Myrant, please – don’t lift graphics for your own blog, journal or website. 2. Do NOT lift these posts and/or my text to place them on your blog, journal, flicker pages or whatever. 3. Please respect all copyright notices. This material is shared [...]

So, let’s get into Alan’s Saga of the Swamp Thing #20 script, shall we? I wrapped up yesterday’s post with the first page of the script proper; for the sake of easy readability and inclusion all in one post, here it is again: OK, now you’re up to snuff. Note, again, Alan’s clear, concise outline [...]

Yesterday I launched this special SpiderBaby Archives dissection of the historic Saga of the Swamp Thing #20 — historic as Alan Moore’s first issue, and Alan’s first work for a ‘Colonial’ (as he once put it) publisher. Alan’s debut issue has just been reprinted — for the first time ever! — in the brand-new DC/Vertigo [...]

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