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N-Man, Fury, Hypernaut at MoCCA! The New Era Begins This Weekend… [What was: and is no more. The original Image Comics Presents promo for N-Man, circa 1992. A new N-Man era begins this weekend!] Having sat for a full twelve years on my respective part of what originally was 1963 — that’s twelve years on top [...]

N-Man, The Fury, Hypernaut Reborn! Resurrecting Retro-Characters for the 21st Century What can be done with ‘retro’ comics that hasn’t been done to death? When Alan Moore, Rick Veitch and I collaborated on the Image Comics series 1963 back in 1993, it was a relatively new approach to a venerable medium and genre (superhero comics). [...]

THIS WEEKEND! * MoCCA Art Festival — Tomorrow is the day! CCSers abound! [Beauty Patrol cover art ©2009 Kubby Barry; another amazing CCS comic, must-read!  Kubby will be at the CCS table, be sure to pop by and meet and greet!] Here’s the MoCCA Art Festival website, all the info you need to be there [...]