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Grandenetti Guignol Redux The Master’s Originals from his Prime Era Wrapping up this week’s overview of the forgotten masterpieces of Jerry Grandenetti with a quartet of pages generously photographed by Richard Gagnon, from his own original art collection. These are shared here with Richard‘s very kind permission, and pretty much speak for themselves. It’s great [...]

Grandenetti Guignol! Or; How a Trio of For Monsters Only‘s Comics Ushered In the Era of Revisionist 1960s Trash Horror How unloved was For Monsters Only? In its day, probably no more or no less than any other monster magazine that wasn’t either published by Jim Warren, or up there with Castle of Frankenstein in [...]

Grandenetti Unchained! Or; How Cracked Made A Splash in the 1960s Monster Mag Market Cracked magazine’s entry in the 1960s monster mag bonanza, For Monsters Only, never got a lot of love—then, or now. Still, it obviously sold well—or, at least, well enough—resulting in a ten-issue run plus one Annual, and it became grist for [...]