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Of Aliens & Star Wars Dave Dorman, Steve Bissette on Star Wars, Aliens: Tribes, & How Aliens: Kick the Can Kicked the Can I’ll be posting a batch of all-new zines and items to the SpiderBaby Store this afternoon, then we’re hunkering in and down for Hurricane Sandy. Today, it seemed appropriate to clear the [...]

Riding Magic Carpets A Rather Threadbare & Careworn Followup to My Open Letter to My Fellow Writers (& Artists) I’ll be posting a ramble, not a coherent essay, today, to continue my September 7th post, “Looking for Margic Carpets,” which prompted much comment and feedback. I’m glad it was of use to somebody. * Let [...]

SpiderBaby Archives: Cam Jam Jamming On Jabba! October 1994: I was on a whirlwind visit to the Northwest U.S., including stopovers in Oregon and Washington. I attended my first-ever Society of Vertebrate Paleontology annual gathering (I was an SVP member for about five years, as I worked on Tyrant), visited Jim Woodring and family, and [...]