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In April of 1976, a group of friends (including the late Steve Perry) and I packaged what was my first published comicbook work, Abyss. It was bankrolled by my amigo Tim “Doc” Viereck for the princely sum of $200, printed by Johnson Press at Johnson State College, Vermont, and we ended up with a little [...]

A Letter from Steve Perry Four-Color Memories from the 1970s… Ah, the dog days of summer. I’ve pulled two all-nighters this week, wrapping up (as best I can) major summer deadlines before I’m facing September. In the wee hours, when everyone’s asleep in the house, my mind wanders as I work… and at times, I [...]

Timespirits Live! Steve Perry & Tom Yeates 1980s Collaboration Collected At Last Yesterday, I completed a pre-print final revision to an introduction I wrote early in 2007 for Tom Yeates and Steve Perry‘s Timespirits collected edition. There’s heartbreak all around that Steve Perry didn’t live to see this collected edition, for a multitude of reasons. [...]

What Might Have Been Redux Another Peek at the Planned SpiderBaby Comix of 1997 Though I’d pulled the plug on SpiderBaby Comix in 1997 before soliciting SpiderBaby Comix #5, I had done enough work on the special “Sinema” issue of SpiderBaby to show Diamond in preparation for solicitation: full-color cover mockups (above), a dummy of [...]

End of 2010 Spin with Sim Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, The Big Pass, & More! * Once again, continuing and picking up directly from yesterday (right from here, still needing to respond to Dave‘s last two paragraphs and the next page, which I’ll also post below)… Dave concluded his December 20th FAX letter [...]