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The Wee Swamp Thing Cover Rough: Saga of the Swamp Thing #24 Archives In cleaning up some old digital files this past month and compiling what I have from the Swamp Thing years, I stumbled on this goodie kindly posted by Mark McMurray to my Facebook wall back on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 at 9:52 [...]

Swamp Thing & Abby Mark McMurray kindly sent me this scan via Facebook, and with his permission, I’m sharing it with y’all here, today. Mark wrote, “Thought I’d share this scan I came across while organizing my files. Drawn by you & John Totleben, April-May 1985! My Dad still has the original hanging at his [...]

Swampy Sketches for July Sale Begins Today! Fairly large (6″ x 12″ on the profile) profile shot on bristol board, from 2012 and just uncovered; pen, brush, archival ink, no marker, $165 plus shipping ($7.50 to all US destinations, $25.00 US to all foreign destinations) to first to email me at Many thanks, and [...]

Salad Days Preview Cont. SOTST #29 Cover Roughs, Part 2 As I mentioned on Wednesday, I’ve been digging through my old sketchbooks, files, and flat files seeking illustrations (specifically, images without proprietary rights issues with DC Comics, though I’ll of course be acknowledging their primary ownership of trademarks/copyrights on the titles and characters) for my [...]

Salad Days Preview SOTST #29 Cover Roughs, Part 1 Among the goodies I’ve excavated for the in-the-works Alan Moore book project and two-volume Salad Days books (on my year working on DC Comics‘s Swamp Thing) are numerous unused, rejected cover roughs for the series. Here’s a preview that’s also a look back: my cover roughs [...]