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November SpiderBaby Store Bonus Giveaways


SpiderBaby Specials & Smokers! SpiderBaby Online Store Launch Special Offer: FREE Sweeney Todd Penny Dreadful! Plus: Secrets of the Smokers The big news this week: thanks to the efforts of my digital comix guru, Ignatz Award-winner Cayetano “Cat” Garza, Jr., the SpiderBaby Store is at last online, up, and running! We tested the venue this [...]

I gathered everything together into a tidy squarebound, clear-plastic covered binder (cover is at left; sample pages below), and formally submitted our Little Brothers proposal to Mike Richardson at Dark Horse Comics. Take note: this proposal was far more detailed and extensive than any I’d done to date. It was, after all, a proposal following [...]

A Morning Musical Sweeney Todd fans: there’s a face in the crowd you must hear! Attend the Tale… Special thanks to Larry Shell for sharing this link, and have a great Tuesday — we’ve got a winter storm coming in, so I’m digging in (and no doubt out) for the duration. “Aren’t you ashamed?”

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