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R.I.P. Dick Giordano And: Forgotten Comics Wars Or: How Angry Freelancers Made It Possible for A New Mainstream Comics Era (Including Vertigo) to Exist, Part 12 (Conclusion) __________________________________ It is with a very heavy heart that I note this morning the passing this weekend of Dick Giordano. Dick passed away on Saturday in Florida due [...]

* Jack Hill’s Spider Baby is on the big screen in Massachusetts! Alert! Ken at Main Street Records and my son Daniel brought this to my attention, and now I’m bringing it to yours: Tomorrow night at Midnight! Spider Baby is playing at the Pleasant Street Theater in downtown Northampton, MA — here’s all the [...]

Bissette Sketch & Art Sales Update: As of this AM, my sketches and original art have a new sales venue. My new galleries are up and running at the Comic Art Fans site — click here and enter! Everything should be self-explanatory, and every available sketch and/or original art piece originally showcased here at Myrant is [...]

[Puma Blues #20 cover © 1988, 2009 Michael Zulli; Puma Blues TM Steve Murphy and Michael Zulli. Cover pencils by Michael Zulli, inks by Stephen R. Bissette, colors by Gerhard] Taboo Origins, Part 6: The Learning Curve; Or, How the System Worked, and How It Didn’t   Between March of 1986 — by which time [...]

This latest multi-chapter account of the formative years of Taboo is another SpiderBaby Archives series of documented posts offering snapshots of my personal and professional comics history. Per usual, this is proffered as being my own memory (which is fallible) of and perspective on long-past events; others who were directly involved or kept abreast of [...]

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