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Temples of Terror SRB Online, In Print & On the Board Still shipping free Swamp Thing sketches hither and yon to the lucky folks who jumped aboard the SpiderBaby Store test marketing earlier this month. I won’t be posting all the sketch scans—after all, the repetition of mossy mug shots isn’t that rich in variety—but [...]

Prime-Apes!!! My Fave Planet of the Apes Knockoffs Best of the Bunch: Jack Kirby‘s Kamandi #16 (April 1974)—“The Animals Have Taken Over the World!” So began one of Jack Kirby‘s liveliest spins on Pierre Boulle‘s Planet of the Apes, spiced with Mike Royer and D. Bruce Berry‘s inks and Kirby‘s revelations of precisely what lay behind [...]

Still MIA on DVD!!! Among the Missing: Nest of the Cuckoo Bird (1965) Back in July, I posted about a “mystery movie” that I’ve a hankering to see someday before I’m gone, and the mystery of its maker, one Bert Williams. “No, Not That Bert Williams…” shared with y’all everything I know—which isn’t too damned [...]

Hate Movies Redux LeRoi Jones/Amiri Imamu Baraka’s Dutchman, Coda; Hate Movies, Part 12 Being a potpourri of images, quotes, and links that relate to, summarize and/or surround the essay installments I’ve posted to date… * What happened—and why these plays and films I’ve been talking about are so damned important—is that the forgotten gems like [...]