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No One Escapes… The Fury!™ The Original Adventures of The Fury™, N-Man™, Hypernaut™ & Crew Soon Online Suffice to note that on August 1, working within the guidelines outlined here at Myrant, “three classic 20-year-old stories running a page a day” will launch at this venue. _____________ No One Escapes… The Fury™, The Unbelievable N-Man™, [...]

Farewell to Thee, ’63 An Announcement I’m amid some momentous life changes, and as part of that, I want to air the following: Since they will never, ever be reprinted in an authorized edition in my lifetime, I hearby note that if anyone out there wants to post (with proper copyright and trademark citation) the [...]

Making Sense of the Muck & Mire Social Media & Reinvented Histories Redux My deepest thanks to all who ordered anything during the three SpiderBaby Store “free Swamp Thing head sketch” (sample, above, and in-process sketch, below, left) test marketing periods. I began by offering a free Swamp Thing head sketch via Facebook posts only; [...]

Flashbacks to What Never Was Draculex™, N-Man™, Red Tails™ Faux-Comicbook Covers Work continues on a number of projects—first and foremost, work (I can’t show you) on the S.R. Bissette’s How to Make a Monster art instructional book for Watson-Guptill/Random House; work (I won’t show you) on Tales of the Uncanny™, the N-Man™/Naut Comics™ project. Oh, [...]

Just home from, and still buzzing with, the Saturday Fright Special showing of King Kong vs. Godzilla. A packed house, a terrific new 35mm print of Universal’s American version of the Toho classic, and a grand time was had by all! More on the evening festivities as time permits this coming week… just a heads [...]