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Primordial Paleo Plops Vintage Bissette—uh, Dino Scat Circa 1977, right around this time of year—one of my first DuoShade experiments at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Inc. ©1977, 2013 Stephen R. Bissette, all rights reserved. Creaky li’l Bissette Tyrannosaurus rex etching experiment, circa 1989 or so, diddlin’ around at Mark Bode‘s [...]

Show & No Tell “Nuthin’ Says Luvin’/Like Somethin’ from the Oven…” I’ve been working me ass off for the past couple of weeks, and thought I’d shut the hell up for a change and just share some of what’s been sliding off the drawing board. Thanks to Ben for the top-notch scanning. Should I tell [...]

Teen Rex!

Of New Dead & Old Dead Heads Up, Deadheads! Only a few weeks after concluding Joe Citro’s and my four-month signing tour for The Vermont Monster Guide, I’m back on the road in February to celebrate the opening night debut of The New Dead, featuring my new short story “Copper.” I’ll be gleefully joining our [...]

Heads Up for Tonight! * Tonight — Friday, September 18th, 7 PM: The Vermont Monster Guide Rutland VT Signing: Joe Citro & Steve Bissette at Annie’s Books, Rutland, VT! 170 South Main St — Rutland, VT 05701 Books, gifts and ice cream — and, for one evening, monsters, with Joe & Steve. Big fun at [...]

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