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Star Godzilla & Swamp Mugshots Busting A Hong Kong Gojira Rip & More Inky Stink I’ve been really savoring Tim Paxton & Brian Harris‘s new fanzine Weng’s Chop #2, which sports Jolyon Yate‘s tantalizing article “Thai Kaiju: A Sketchy Introduction to Giant Monsters in Thai Cinema” (pp. 30-33), which has given me (pardon my French) [...]

Zaat Wants YOU! The Selling and Re-Selling of Zaat, 1972-80 The selling of a movie like Zaat was as much of an uphill battle in the 1970s as it ever would have been. Despite its splashes of gore, it was a PG-rated movie in an era of hard R horror and monster movies, and the [...]

Mario Bava‘s Reazione a Catena (1971) was a revelation when I first saw it at the Twin City Drive-In (the Barre-side screen, if memory serves) on the Barre-Montpelier Road (VT) back in 1972. Bava‘s seminal splatter black comedy was a colorful oddity and a mindblower in its day, believe you me. How do I love [...]

I didn’t mean to be taking a short sabbatical from Myrant, but so it goes. Work on the basement studio and some impromptu travel, socializing and prep for next week’s Center for Cartoon Studies summer workshops kept me far from the keyboard! For some reason, WordPress isn’t allowing me to post pictures this AM. Sorry! [...]

What, you may ask, is The Revenge of Doctor X? That is indeed what a good many of us have asked and wondered over the past 24 years. To understand the gravitas of that question, you may wish to visit or revisit this serialized essay’s Part One, Part Two and Part Three, which brings you [...]