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  • S.R. Bissette’s SpiderBaby Comix #1
  • Sale!TABOO #4
  • S.R. Bissette’s SpiderBaby Comix #2
  • Sale!S.R. Bissette’s Tyrant® in Slumberland Print
  • S.R. Bissette’s Tyrant ® #1
  • Monster Pie #1
  • Sale!Teen Angels & New Mutants

What’s in the SpiderBaby Store? Have a look, and happy hunting…

This is where you can find & purchase the published works of Stephen R. Bissette—and more.

Brand-new and vintage, out-of-print Bissette books, graphic novels, comix & comix anthologies, prints, minicomics, t-shirts, original art, sketches, and rare collectibles from the SpiderBaby Archives—they’re all here!

Please note that every individual product listing includes complete information on what we’re offering, including links to additional information, previews, or extra material archived on the MYRANT website. Feel free to click those links—they won’t take you out of the store, but open that add’t material in a separate window to ensure a smooth, informed shopping experience.

In time, I’ll also be offering many one-of-a-kind rarities, including collectible books, comics, DVDs, videos, and more from my personal collection. These will be special sales, so be sure to keep an eye on MYRANT

  • (click this link to visit MYRANT, with updates three times per week, every week)
  • for announcements of these special, limited-opportunity sales, and act quickly if you see something you want.

    I’m just setting up shop, so be patient, and stop by whenever you can. There will always be something new & different in the SpiderBaby Store!

    **PLEASE note for orders outside the US: If you opt for the cheapest shipping option, I am NOT responsible for losses in the mail, and the least-expensive shipping option WILL delay foreign arrivals to weeks, if not months, after it leaves the US. I recommend at all times that orders shipping outside the US seriously consider using Flat Rate International Priority Mail at all times. We do include ‘thank you’ items in your package (which do not add to weight/rate) to help offset that add’t cost to you. Thank you.**

    PS: If you don’t use Paypal, or for some reason can’t complete your order online, feel free to hand-write or print out your order—please be sure to include your snail-mail address and email address—and either email me directly at msbissette@yahoo.com, or send your order with payment via postal money order (US only) to SpiderBaby Grafix, PO Box 157, Windsor, VT 05089. This will be a more time-consuming process, of course, but we do wish to accommodate all interested customers, at all times.