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First CD from my son Daniel Bissette & his pal Alex Hiam Now On Sale!

Alex Hiam, at left; Daniel Bissette, at right; Wampum Physics cover photograph ©2011 Ezra Distler.

Wampum Physics (2012) is Daniel Bissette and Alex Hiam, “born and raised gents from the land of Brattleboro, VT” and this is their first album—and (exclusively from the SpiderBaby Store) it comes with a lyrics sheet and Daniel Bissette‘s signed 8-page minicomic Counterfeit Comics (2010)!

Please note: The audiocassette and the CD have identical contents.

Wampum Physics (2012) is the first album from Daniel Bissette and Alex Hiam, featuring 11 tracks and sold & shipped (exclusively from the SpiderBaby Store) with a lyric sheet and Daniel‘s hand-manufactured Counterfeit Comics (2010), hand-signed by Daniel.

* What’s Daniel’s comix work like?

I’ve posted some preview art (the cover, an illo, and the opening four panels of “Big Fan”) above, at left, and below.

Counterfeit Comics is a black-and-white eight-pager (5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″) Daniel created during the summer of 2010, when he was really getting into Mike McMillan‘s underground comix work (Terminal Comics, 1971, etc.).

It features illustrations, the one-pagers “Alibis” and “Joke,” and the two-page strip “Big Fan.”

(Note from proud poppa Bissette: I’ve been a big fan of McMillan‘s comix since I first laid eyes on one of his Yellow Dog strips back when I was still in high school. I love McMillan, and I sure love Dan‘s comix, too!)

* What’s the music like?

The original label (Feeding Tube Records) identified Wampum Physics as “Electronic” genre, “Abstract, Synth-pop” style, to which I say, “if you say so.”

It’s unlike anything I’ve savored in a long time, and there’s a few tracks I just love and play over and over again—sign of a good album, in my book.

The album was recorded in Brattleboro, VT and Grafton, VT in the spring and summer of 2011. All songs are by Daniel and Alex, save for their cover of “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac. Jeremy Latch also plays on the album and co-wrote “Linda’s Redlight District,” which was also co-authored by Sam Phillips, who also plays on “Bolivia”; and Zach Phillips plays on “I Drew a Picture of Me.” Also note that Maia Bissette sings on “MBTA” (see below).

Here’s the Wampum Physics video for “Linda’s Redlight District” (2011)…

Also, Daniel‘s sister (my daughter) Maia Rose Bissette sings on one cut in the album, and she posted that tune as a sample online;

 “Wampum Physics is the collaboration of my brother, Daniel Bissette, together with his dear friend and fellow musician Alex. This album pushes the boundaries of contemporary underground music with poetic humor and sincere exploration. Because the duo works with various contributing musicians as well as on their own, each song is a unique experience. My brother asked me to record vocals on this track. I think it sounds pretty swell. 😉 …”

* PS: If you’d rather just own the original limited audiocassette edition of Wampum Physics, and forget about the cool comic-combo pack with the bonus free lyric sheet,

We won’t be offended, honest.

* PPS: For more of Daniel‘s comix and zine work,

* PPPS: Alex is also, as Daniel puts it, “.. tech savvy and working with micro controllers and writing code. He attends marlboro college and has a job building machines that help new and old technology communicate on the space station.”

If you’re interested in checking out Alex‘s tech site,

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